Seema Anand Quiz: How Much You Know About Seema Anand?

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  • Last Updated: 23 Nov, 2021
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Seema Anand Quiz: How Much You Know About Seema Anand?
There are so many writers and authors all over the world. Who plays an important role in our daily lives. They provide so much information and guidance to us. Which sometimes plays a crucial role in our life. One of the authors Seema Anand is such an author who writes about love life. She is very friendly. She is the kama sutra expert, mythologist, and storyteller. Do you know more about her? Play this quiz to know about her. Share this Quiz with your friends and know more about Seema Anand. Let's play!
When did she lose her father?
Since when is she the director of Look Beyond India?
With which project does her work was associated for Endangered Oral Traditions?
Which book is written by her?
She enrolled for her Ph. D program after giving birth to her ______ child.
Seema Anand is a _______ based storyteller, mythologist, and doctor of Narrative Practices.
At what age did she move to London?
How did she start her career?
When did she publish her book?
How many children does she have?
Seema's work is basically reviving the Indian mythology especially:
From which University did she complete her undergraduate degree?