Priya Kumar Quiz: How Much You Know About Priya Kumar?

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  • Last Updated: 31 Jul, 2021
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Priya Kumar Quiz: How Much You Know About Priya Kumar?
When we talk of women, there are not enough words that can actually praise them and complete them. The reason for the same is that women today are making exceptional and unimaginable moves that have made each one of us and the younger generation super excited to be a part of the future. Undoubtedly, today every other person is trying to copy them and make them their inspiration. One such woman is Priya Kumar, who is also an author and has written many amazing novels you'll love to read.  Try out this Trivia quiz and see how well you can perform!
What is the net worth of Priya?
At what age did Priya commence to become a motivational speaker?
Who praised the biography written by Priya at the international level?
When did Priya publish her first book?
Whose biography did Priya write in 2014?
Who was the lead actor of the web series that was written by Priya?
In 2019, ZEE 5 announced that they are taking another novel of Priya which is _____?
Which novel of Priya was adapted into a web series?
Which book of Priya was also nominated for the Vodafone Crossword Book Award?
What is the name of a web series that took the story from Priya’s novel?
When was Priya born?