Mayawati Quiz: How Much You Know About Mayawati?

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  • Last Updated: 23 Aug, 2021
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Mayawati Quiz: How Much You Know About Mayawati?
Mayawati represents the traditionally oppressed Dalits and oppressed classes in the country. She is the most admired politician of India, representing millions of the poor. The four-time Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh began her career as a school teacher and aspired to join Indian Administrative Services. If you think you know everything about her and her political career, take the quiz to discover.
What was the welfare scheme for the Poor introduced by Mayawati in 2010?
Whom did Mayawati oppose for using the word "Harijan" in the constitutional club meeting in 1977?
Which district was created during Mayawati's regime?
Where was the guest house of the guest house Kand of 1995 located?
In which area did Mayawati use to teach?
In 1985, for which Lok Sabha seat did Mayawati contested?
Mayawati's autobiography is named?
What is the actual name of Mayawati?
Who wrote Behenji: a political biography of Mayawati?
What was the tenure of Mayawati's first term as chief minister?
Who called Mayawati "Loktantra ka Karishma"?
From which college did Mayawati complete her graduation?