Indra Nooyi Quiz: How Well You Know about Indra Nooyi?

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  • Last Updated: 13 Feb, 2024
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Indra Nooyi Quiz: How Well You Know about Indra Nooyi?

Indra Nooyi, a pioneering business leader, served as the CEO and Chairperson of PepsiCo, one of the world's largest food and beverage companies. Born in India, she shattered glass ceilings with her strategic vision and commitment to sustainability, driving PepsiCo's growth while advocating for diversity and corporate responsibility.

What is Nooyi known for advocating for in the corporate world?
What is the name of the business school at Yale University named after Nooyi?
What was Nooyi's primary focus during her tenure as CEO?
What are some of Nooyi's key leadership principles?
What is the name of Nooyi's husband?
What was Nooyi's father's profession?
What award did Nooyi receive from the US government in 2013?
What are some of the criticisms Nooyi has faced during her career?
What is Nooyi's current role at Amazon?
What is the name of the non-profit organization founded by Nooyi?
In which year did Indra Nooyi become the CEO of PepsiCo?
What was the name of Nooyi's autobiography published in 2017?
In which Indian city was Nooyi born?
Which of the following acquisitions did Nooyi oversee?
Which university did Nooyi attend for her undergraduate studies?
What advice does Nooyi often give to young people?