Dr. Padmavati Iyer Quiz: How Much You know About Dr. Padmavati Iyer?

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Dr. Padmavati Iyer Quiz: How Much You know About Dr. Padmavati Iyer?
The way women have made every person remove those fears is more like an encouragement to every gender. With the advent of women in the medical profession, things have changed drastically and we have seen immense advancements and highs by them. Yes, here we are talking about one of the finest Indian doctors ever Dr. Padmavati Iyer, who is also an inspiration for all the young generation girls. There are several achievements that Dr. Iyer did that made her the best of all. There are a lot of things that we might not be aware of Dr. Iyer! Do you think you know everything about her? Then, test your knowledge with this trivia quiz!
In which year did Dr.Iyer win Padma Bhushan?
When was Dr. Iyer born?
What was the age of Dr.Iyer when she took her last breath as she was one of the longest living doctors?
How did Dr. Iyer die?
Which Delhi College did Dr.Iyer join in 1967?
When was Dr. Iyer awarded with Padma Vibhushan?
When did Dr.Iyer become a fellow of the European Society of Cardiology?
When did Dr.Iyer end her career?
When did Dr.Iyer start her service?
When did Dr.Iyer die?
Dr. Iyer was the director and president of _________?
When was Dr.Iyer the secretary of the World Congress of Cardiology?