Dr. Kadambini Ganguly Quiz: How Much You Know About Dr. Kadambini Ganguly?

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  • Last Updated: 30 Jul, 2021
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Dr. Kadambini Ganguly Quiz: How Much You Know About Dr. Kadambini Ganguly?
Women from everywhere in the world have been making names and making all those who never respected them, now regret. But, the ones who started this embarking of names were the firsts women who relentlessly stood up not just for themselves but for the upcoming generation. Similarly, we are here talking about Dr.Kadambini Ganguly, one of the first Indian women doctors who made the country proud and made all of us believe what all women can do if they wish for it. There are innumerable things we bet you haven’t heard of. If you still think you can answer, then take this trivia quiz as your challenge and see how you perform!
What was the occupation of Kadambini?
When did Kadambini die?
Ganguly received a scholarship for 2 years for Rs ____?
What is the name of the series in the name of Kadambini?
Complete the sentence: Kadambini acquired cooperation of Rs. ___ per month from the public authority?
How many children did Kadambini have?
Ganguly was in the fifth session of the Indian National Congress in _____?
When was Kadambini born?
When was Ganguly a part of the Women's Conference in Calcutta?
What is the name of the husband of Kadambini Ganguly?
What did the Bengali magazine Bangabashi call Ganguly after returning from Edinburgh?
In which college did Kadambini study which was also the first-ever college to give admission to girls?