A Chatterjee Quiz: How Much You Know About A Chatterjee?

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  • Last Updated: 08 Aug, 2021
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A Chatterjee Quiz: How Much You Know About A Chatterjee?
Regardless of where we are, women's contributions with their wisdom and intelligence have never been enough! Women have contributed greatly to history and paved the way for future generations for a long time. She is an inspiring role model for almost every girl of every generation who faced all odds and went against all odds. These steps taken by women are therefore extremely important. While talking of our brave women, we cannot miss out on A Chatterjee, who is a well known personality to being changes in the life of everyone with her educational achievements. This trivia quiz will help you learn more about her.
Who is the husband of A Chatterjee?
What does A stand for in her name?
Who was the notable instructor of Chatterjee?
How many papers were written by her that were published on national and international levels?
Which were the renowned works?
Chatterjee’s father was very interested in ____?
When did A Chatterjee receive a Doctor of Science from an Indian University?
When was Chatterjee elected as the Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy?
When was A Chatterjee born?
When did A Chatterjee die?