Avani Chaturvedi Quiz: How Much You Know About Avani Chaturvedi?

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  • Last Updated: 29 Jul, 2021
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Avani Chaturvedi Quiz: How Much You Know About Avani Chaturvedi?
Women in innumerable fields have set up a benchmark that gives us immense sort of pleasure and merriment. There were several firsts in the history that women have created, but that’s not all! Even now if we see we can easily find women raising bars and high hopes in a really good manner. One such favorite of millions of Indians is Avani Chaturvedi, who is a military person and an extremely beautiful human from inside. There a re a lot of questions about her, that you must be knowing if you are her true fan! But in case you are not sure, not to worry. This trivia quiz will help you to gain some insightful information on Avani Chaturvedi.
Avani Chaturvedi is an Indian _____?
In which academy was Avani selected for training?
What are the hobbies of Avani?
What is the name of husband of Avani?
What is the rank of Avani?
From which district does Avani functions?
What is the favorite sport of Avani?
When was Avani born?
What is the occupation of Avani?
Who were the other two combat pilots with Avani when she was declared first-ever combat pilot?
When was Avani commissioned by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar for serving the nation?
When was Avani inducted into the Indian Air Force fighter squadron?