Andal Quiz: How Much You Know About Andal?

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  • Last Updated: 06 Aug, 2021
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Andal Quiz: How Much You Know About Andal?
Women with their ultimate superior powers can make the world go into their toes! A well-known phrase that has been well-heard by millions is also a truth in the present era. But, the surprising thing is that it is not just a truth today it has been validated for a long time since our histories were being set. The same way our very own Andal was widely known to the world and to each of the human. But still there remain innumerable facts about her that are making bold changes today! Do you think you can answer them all? Then, this trivia quiz will help you in getting a good idea of Andal. Try it and have fun!
She is the only saint Alwar among all the ___ saints in South India?
Who is believed to marry Adnal?
Which literary works were written by Adnal?
This child was Goddess _____ itself?
Who found Andal earlier?
Andal has inspired several including ____?
What is Andal also known as?
Where was she found as a baby girl?
Where is Andal much famous?
What is the full name of Andal?