Anasuya Devi Quiz: How Much You Know About Anasuya Devi?

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  • Last Updated: 06 Aug, 2021
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Anasuya Devi Quiz: How Much You Know About Anasuya Devi?
While we talk about the present era of women and praise how strong they have become, we cannot forget the time of history. This was the time when women were supposed to be quiet and were neglected from speaking in any crucial matter. That was the time and it’s today, women have always tried hard to make that big difference and impact. The same way our religious lady Anasuya Devi cannot be ignored from those historical stories and concepts. There are a lot of things that were now known about her and are a mystery! Do you think you know them all? Then, this is the right time to prove the same with this trivia quiz.
Who was the teacher and brother of Anasuya?
Which sage praised Anasuya in his hymns and verses?
Where is Anasuya Devi’s temple located?
When there was no water in the forest of Anasuya Devi, she requested ____ river and brought it down to earth?
In which areas was she living as per Ramayana?
Who was the husband of Anasuya?
What is the historical meaning of Anasuya?
Where is the Ashram of Anasuya Devi?
Anasuya’s son was the sage avtaar of ___?
After being Sati, Anasuya became the mother of ____?
Anasuya was a pious woman who had a great practice in?