Ameera Shah Quiz: How Much You Know About Ameera Shah?

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  • Last Updated: 18 Jul, 2021
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Ameera Shah Quiz: How Much You Know About Ameera Shah?
Women are the ones who can only stand for them and if not them nobody will actually stand for them. And this is why there is a need for every woman to step into every field and carve their names for history. No matter what field it is transport, education or even healthcare women have started to gain the fame they truly deserve today. Healthcare is considered to be the most crucial field today that looks complex but is actually a great field and women have made marks here also. Just like Ameers Shah who is a well known face today in the field of medicine and healthcare. Do you know her well? Then prove with this quiz and set the highest score possible.
What is the birthdate of Ameera Shah?
When was Ameera Shah honored with Young Global Leader?
What is the approximate value of the company owned by Ameera Shah?
What is the name of the healthcare managed by Ameera Shah?
Ameera Shah was born in a family of ________?
When did Ameera take over her father?
Which country was Ameera working in prior to being MD?
What is the name of the non-profit initiative of Ameera Shah?
Which famous person is the father of Ameera?
Which college has Ameera Shah as its advisor?