Alka Khurana Quiz: How Much You Know About Alka Khurana?

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  • Last Updated: 29 Jul, 2021
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Alka Khurana Quiz: How Much You Know About Alka Khurana?
No doubt that the way women have been excelling in innumerable fields we all are somewhere or the other proud to see them wandering and establishing names. But when it comes to Indian Amry, there is an utmost sense of respect and love that just brings out that salute for all of us. And one such person who is loved by every Indian is Alka Khurana, who is an army officer that has been an exceptional part of history and was the dynamite queen. But, you should know all about her, if you think you know her really well. This trivia quiz will test your knowledge and will let you learn a lot about the proud daughter of India.
With whom did Alka join the army?
In which special parade was Alka involved?
Alka was a part of ____ women army batch?
When did the special parade happen where Alka was involved?
Alka was among ____ females officer to join the Indian army as an officer?
In which field did Alka have experience?
When did Alka join the army?
What was the rank of Alka?
Who is the best friend of Alka from the field?
It was only after ___ when women officers were seen away from a non-medical position?